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Commissioned Works

As a fine art photographer, I am frequently asked if I will produce pictures of "ordinary" people, i.e., people who are not professional models. It comes as a surprise to some to learn that those I photograph are largely nonprofessionals. I enjoy the look of real people. My work is about beauty; I seek to show the best views of people. I do private commissions -- photographing many women and some couples -- for themselves or as a special gift. The photo shown below is a sample of an image which was the result of a sitting with a forty-six year old professional female client. She granted permission to show the work but wishes to remain anonymous.

Typically, I charge for travel time to visit a client's location. Many of the images I make are taken in situ -- often in ordinary circumstances. Sometimes, for example, I throw a background cloth over a wall in a sunny room and do interesting work. I often use the environment to enhance the image. If you prefer, you could come to a Victorian mansion which I use as a location in London Ontario. A typical session lasts two hours.

After viewing contact sheets or proofs, you may wish to order exhibition quality prints, an album or mounted and framed prints such as those I sell on my site (fibre paper, silver image, permanent). I can send you more information on these options. See my page on ordering information.

Is this choice for you? All my subjects and clients, who are of widely varying appearance and age, have expressed great satisfaction with my work. Some clients/models have volunteered to model again gratis as they enjoyed seeing themselves thus transformed, and some have paid for a second opportunity.

Confidentiality and Anonymity

Maintaining confidentiality and anonymity is a crucial career requirement for many of my clients. Physicians, teachers, lawyers, and other professionals have chosen to trust me. I can promise you to respect your need for privacy. I never show or publish any work without written consent. My negative files do not contain any identification of my subjects, unless "released" by written consent. I do this to protect my clients should negatives ever be stolen. As my work does not always require a face, as it is mostly about form and body, some people have allowed me to exhibit selected images.

All photos © 2004 Joris Van Daele