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1 - Before you start, make sure your computer is set for its maximum image quality--that's a screen size of at least 800 by 600, and 16 bit color minimum.

2 - Set your monitor for maximum contrast. Use the controls on the monitor.

3 - Use the test pattern below to set shadow point. It has 9 very dark vertical patches. Adjust your monitor's brightness so that patch area 1 to 3 are entirely black, and patches 4 and up are barely visible. If you can see the patch 1 and 2 distinctly, then your brightness is set too high.

bars 1-2 black, 3 slighly lighter

4 - You should now see a fine gradation in the grey scale belo
w. Depending on the quality of your monitor and display card, you might be able to see a smooth transition from pure while to pure black. You can tweak the brightness and contrast controls on the monitor so that this test scale looks optimal.


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