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in exchange for prints or a photo-CD

If you are interested in modelling on a no-fee basis and if you qualify, opportunities may be available where your time and permission to use the images are exchanged for a photo-CD of images or prints from the session.
Models are needed for ongoing or upcoming projects. Currently, three book projects are active:

  • Book 1: The Nude at Home--nudes in personal enviroments. More...
  • Book 2: The Artistic Nude Body--Dancers (gymnasts, yoga instructors, athletes, etc.) More...
  • Book 3: Beauty and the Birthing Body--Nudes of pregnant women and their journeys. More...

Interested? If you would like to model for any of these projects, please check the:

model suitability guidelines

If you feel you would be a good subject, please contact the photographer. Include a recent photograph of yourself in brief or no clothing and mention your city.

Confidentiality: Application information about you or your photo will not be shared with anyone--it is completely confidential.

Not sure? See recent books and tear sheets