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Interested in Modelling?

If so, please consider if you are:

  • within a couple of hours of driving distance to London Ontario.
  • fit into one of the current projects:
    • Athlete/Dancer's Nude Body--Are you a professional or semi-professional dancer, gymnast, yoga instructor, professional athlete, or do you teach a physical discipline? Please include a short bio or summary of your work. A session takes up to 3 hours and will be in an environment that suits the aims of the book. More...
    • At Home with companion animal--Be a subject for a book exploring the relationship between people and their companion animals, in their own home. The goal is to produce relaxed and non-sexual nudes
  • okay with signing a standard model's release?

If this seems like something you'd like to do, please contact the photographer. Include a recent snapshot, and give your height, weight and what city you are in.

Information about you or your photo will not be shared with anyone--it is completely confidential.

Do I need to reveal my identity--Most people will not recognize you in the final images, especially if you use a stage name, as most subjects choose to do. If you have a concern about this, mention it in your email. You can be photographed in views which do not show your face, or views that show so little of your face that it cannot be recognized. If you examine the images on this site, you may notice that many of them do not show the model's face.

Interested? Contact the photographer...

Not sure? See bio and teasheets