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Click for larger viewThis upcoming book will feature professional dancers and other artists who use their bodies to express their work.

Dancers, who have spent years training to interpret emotions though movement, can express the body's full potential of beauty, strength and elegance. They are sensitive to nuances of expression, pose, gesture, and movement that most subjects are not aware of. Dancers project energy and confidence in how they use their bodies and allow me to explore the human form in new ways that are captivating, inspiring, and joyful. This makes for original, stunningly beautiful and provocative images. The dancer is truly the subject par excellence for a photographic study.

This book celebrates differences: unlike those who use the same style to photograph every model, I employ a variety of treatments designed to focus on each subject's strengths. Each subject is respected. Every photographic session is unique, capturing images of the dancer's body and revelations of the dancer's spirit.

Text which accompanies each series of photographs includes career highlights and a glimpse into each dancer's motivation. This combination of words and pictures is an affirmation of the beauty of this art form and the bodies shaped through years of self-discipline and effort.

I am actively seeking male and female dancers of all ages, including visible minorities, and representing all dance disciplines, for this project.

To obtain more information about becoming part of this special project, please contact the photographer