be you...
This could


put yourself in her place...

What kind of woman would hire a photographer to take nude photos of her?
All kinds of women, actually. In my 30 years as a professional art photographer, I've created tasteful black and white photographs of women from all walks of life with all sorts of body types.

But I don't think I look beautiful.
Beauty is in everyone. You just have to know how to bring it out. I know how. When I photograph you, you'll discover the beauty you already have.

How will you make me look good?
I'll find your best features and emphasize them, using the right combination of lighting and poses. Just you and the light.

I don't know… I'm kind of shy.
No problem. We'll do whatever you feel comfortable doing. We can even work in your own home if you'd prefer.

Can I see some of your work?
Of course. See the works at this online gallery. Then, e-mail or call me and I’ll show you at your best.

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